Chiloe Island is one of the most fascinating places in the world to traverse. Palafito 1326 offers several alternatives for guided tours by highly qualified personnel.

Quinchao Island

Castro – Dalcahue ­Curaco de Velez – Achao ­Castro

Departure: Castro Final Destination: Castro Difficulty level: Minimum Duration: 6 hours/Full Day Service includes: Shuttle Service, Oysters in Curaco de Velez, Accident Insurance, First Aid Kit Guides: English, Spanish and German speakers all have first aid training. Guides are well versed in the local history as well as the native flora and fauna.

From Dalcahue we'll take a 10­ minute ferry ride to the Island of Quinchao. Our first stop, the little town of Curaco de Velez with its finely preserved antique houses is also our stop over for sampling its delicious oysters. Afterwards we'll arrive to Achao, where we'll have plenty of time for exploring the town as well as relishing the architecture of the region's oldest church. Later that afternoon we'll make our way back to the city of Castro.

National Park Chiloé - ?El Tepual? trail

Castro – Chonchi ­Parque Nacional Chiloé – Castro.

Departure: Castro Final Destination: Castro Difficulty level: Minimum Duration: 6 hours; Full Day Tour Guides: English, Spanish and German speakers all have first aid training. Guides are well versed in the local history as well as the native flora and fauna.

We head south from Castro to visit the city of Chonchi's World Heritate wooden chapel which is also one of the island's largest churches. Afterwards we make our way to the National Park Chiloé. The town of Huillinco at the entrance way to park is also a jumping off point to the lake of the same name as well as Lake Cucao. We'll make sure that we take all the time necessary to take in not only the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean but also appreciate one of the more conserved ecological niches in Chiloé. There'll be no shortage of Park trails and Beach to explore before heading back to the city of Castro.

Trekking Punta pirulil, muelle de las almas

Duration: 6 hours / full day.Difficulty level: Low-Medium.
Service includes: 
Transfers, First aid kit, Box lunch, guide in Spanish 
Equipment needed: 
suitable shoes, sun protection (hat, sunblock), water.

South of Chiloe National Park is located Punta Pirulil, inhabited mainly by indigenous.Our adventure begins with a visit to the National Park located in the area of ​​Cucao.

Then we head south, Rahue area where a family of people visit the site, large fossil collectors and knowledge of these remote places.

Then headed to Punta Pirulil in search of the "Bridge of Souls" Our goal is to reach this mythical place.Legend has it that when you die your physical body is your soul to rest on the bridge to ask "rafting" Here is our resting place where we can also see the majesty of the Pacific Ocean, lots of bird life and if we are lucky, we can observe Whales.

Trekking Cole Cole, Parque nacional Chiloé

The aim of this trip is to know the sector Cole - Cole, this place this insert in the northern sector of Chiloe National Park.

Leaving in transfer from the hotel in Castro with south-west direction we go towards the town of Cucao, here we will leave our van and we will take the 4x4 to go to the north of Cucao, passing by the long beach, we will arrive to the sector Huentemo, indigenous redoubt ( Huilliche), where we can see some productive activities in the area. Continuing our journey, we will begin to climb a section of the Piuchen mountain range, between forests and cliffs we will reach the Cole-Cole sector where its white sand beach with paradisiacal appearance, its native flora and fauna, has become "the place" ideal to be in direct contact with nature.


Duration: 8 hours Degree of difficulty: Medium.
Service includes:
Transfers, qualified guide, first aid kit and box lunch.
Required equipment:
Suitable shoes, sun protection (hat, sun block), water.

Ancud histórico - Colonia de pingüinos

"The stunning Pacific coast of the island is the only place in the world where Humboldt and Magellanic penguins nesting habitat share."

This tour will take us north of the island of Chiloe incredible side passages and is embedded in local history.Your guide will find at your hotel at 9:00 am to lead them northbound toward him Puñihuil Bay where this natural monument, the only place in the world where Humboldt and Magellanic penguins nest side by side.

We will embark on a boat to take us to the islands where for half an hour will also penguin, identifying other birds and animals that nest and live on site, and 4 species of cormorants, pelicans, carancas and occasional sea otter.After this navigation, we disembark for lunch at a local restaurant where you can taste the freshest products chilote countryside and the sea.

After lunch we head to the city of Ancud, which once was the capital of Chiloe, to visit their strong and the "foundation Friends of the Churches of Chiloé" which plays the important role in the restoration and dissemination of these monuments Heritage Humanity.

Duration: 6 hours (full day) Difficulty: Low-Medium. 
Castro Transfer from Hotel Bahia Puñihuil in Ancud. 
Navigation and whale Penguins. 
Lunch at local restaurant. 
Visit Fort San Antonio in Ancud. 
Return to Hotel. 
Service includes: 
Private transport 
Input & Navigation 
Equipment needed: 
sunscreen, water.